TAV printed on bottle; Player name and number available


Product Description

When you’re pushing yourself to the limit, you’re going to require a water carrier that can withstand the pressure too. The H2Go Surge is a lightweight, single wall aluminum water bottle complete with a snap-fit lid and handy carrying handle, making it ideal for transporting fluids even during high-cardio pursuits like cross-country endurance running.

The simple open bottle cap has been ergonomically designed to facilitate easy intake of fluids when on the move, and with a choice of 16 different colors, you’re certain to find a bottle to match your persona, whether you’re training hard or just out for a simple stroll.

The H2Go Surge offers a large 28oz liquid capacity, allowing you to carry enough fluids to keep you hydrated - even during intensive workouts - without necessarily weighing you down. It’s a great all-rounder and makes keeping replenished during exercise as easy as can be without breaking the bank.

  • This personalized bottle offers a large promotional opportunity while serving a huge amount of refreshments–holds 28-oz!
  • Bring along while hiking or simply take it to work--this durable aluminum is perfect to take anywhere.
  • Flip-top screw-on lid offers extra protection against spills caused by bumpy rides or clumsy fingers.
  • Bright colored body with a contrasting black top provides a refined look along with your logo.
  • Additional plastic loop attached to the lid makes this custom bottle easy to clip onto or carry it with just a finger!

H2Go Surge Aluminum Water Bottles | 28 oz

Optional Player Name and Number (+$6)
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